Nestled up against the mountains with several creeks and lots of forested pasture, just 5 minutes outside of Armstrong, BC, in the beautiful North Okanagan, is our farm, which we have called Wild Moon Organic Farms.

Our farm is fully organic certified and our land has not had chemicals or commercial fertilizers applied for decades. With mostly crown land and forest surrounding our farm, yet with close proximity to urban centers, we were drawn to this special piece of land.

At Wild Moon, our most significant focus is our Berkshire pigs, but we also raise grass-fed Belted Galloway cattle, Chickens for eggs, Broiler Chickens, Heritage turkey and Hay

For us, the farm has been a great place to gather and put some hard work in. The kids love travelling through the wooded areas following the creeks and trails. Our passion for raising quality, happy, healthy animals is deeply rooted in all of us involved.