Tristan Quiring

       Tristan was born with entrepreneurial energy running through his blood. At 13, he independently founded and managed a successful business in the aircraft maintenance sector – quite a story!
But it was the move to the farm at 15 that stole his heart as he developed a huge love for all things farming – especially pigs! In fact, it was Tristan’s initiative that is responsible for the introduction of pigs to Wild Moon. His research into the best breeds and management techniques has been highly influential in the best practices incorporated at Wild Moon today.

Tristan did extensive research into breed alternatives and studied various management techniques and systems.
“The more I researched, the more convinced I became that I wanted to raise heritage Berkshire pigs. I wanted us to have the best possible environment for them. I could also see that so many farms were avoiding organic certification because of the high cost of feed, but I didn’t want us to compromise in any way.”

Richard Quiring

          Richard Quiring has had a lifelong love affair with pigs! He got his first 3 pigs when he was 10 years old and that started quite a journey in not only pork production, but animal care, alternative housing, and animal nutrition. In his 20’s, Richard was a commercial pig producer and was a finalist in the Outstanding Young Farmer Award Program. In the years that followed, Richard pioneered alternative housing developments and management systems for pig production. This housing development got pigs out of closed and slatted confinement barns, and into semi outdoor, large group buildings bedded with straw.

Richard’s work and product development in this area changed the way many family farms raised pigs across Canada and the USA.

In his 30’s, Richard was honoured in Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” program, and his company was recognized as one of the 50 best managed private companies in Canada!

However, corporate life took Richard away from his passion of working directly with farming and pigs. The landscape of family farming was changing dramatically as large corporate farms had squeezed out most family pig farms across North America. Also, Richard and his family had changed their lifestyle, and were becoming educated on organic eating and healthier ways to produce meat and other farm produce.

So now in his 40’s, Richard and his family made a huge transition away from city life and started Wild Moon in 2012.Richard is thrilled to be back on the farm, and especially working with pigs.

Richard intends to apply his past farming and business experience to ensure Wild Moon produces the best and healthiest pork possible.

“We are passionate about pigs and raising them humanely, and with a great deal of gentleness and relationship. Heritage Berkshire pigs, raised on pasture and fed a well balanced organic diet, provide us the opportunity to supply our customers not only the tastiest, but also the healthiest pork available!”