Why is certified organic important?

Being certified organic is certainly not the be all and end all, but…it does set a minimum standard complete with third party audits and inspections on an ongoing basis to ensure a specified standard is being met. This includes:

Pig Feed – Livestock must be fed 100% approved organic ingredients

  • For raising pigs, this is a big one and it is the #1 reason why many farmers do not want to certify organic.
  • Our cost to make organic feed is more than double conventional feed! As feed is the largest single cost of pork production, this has a huge impact on our expenses, but is critical in ensuring healthy meat for our customers.
  • Organic certification is your assurance that our pigs do not ingest food which has been impacted by chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers, GMO’s, or irradiation.
  • You are also assured that our feed is 100% vegetarian and never contains any animal by-products.
  • You are assured that our feed NEVER  has antibiotics added to it. Commercial feeds quite commonly have antibiotics added to act as a growth promotant and to help pigs maintain health in stressful conditions.



  • You are assured that we do not use growth hormones or antibiotics, either as treatment or as a form of growth promotant.
  • You are assured that our animals are treated humanely and respectfully
  • You are assured that our animals have adequate sheltered space, as well as year round access to plenty of outdoor pasture.
  • You are assured that our pigs are not subjected to physical mutations such as nose rings (used to keep pigs from their natural behaviour of rooting), tail docking, or clipping of teeth.
  • A lot of confusion exists today over terms such as “natural”, “naturally raised”, “free range”, “farm fresh”, or “hormone free” and what they all mean. Even the word organic is used loosely, quite often with no association to being certified organic. Certified organic sets a prescribed minimum threshold; at Wild Moon Organics, we strive to go beyond organic requirements whenever possible.