Having had experience with intensively run confinement farms in the past, we were determined to provide our pigs with a much more natural, though safe, environment. Although we were innovators and leaders in influencing pig production onto straw bedding and open-ended, covered facilities back in the 90’s, large corporate farming eventually won out. Almost all pork today is raised in very intensive confinement facilities, where 1000’s of pigs exist in each barn on concrete slatted floors and very little room to move about.

Today, we are becoming innovators and leaders in influencing pig farming in a more radical way than before, and a big part of that is raising our pigs on pasture.
Pastured pork is more nutritious than the alternative, as it contains higher levels of vitamin E, healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and many other nutrients than conventionally raised pork. You’ll notice that our pork has a higher fat content than what you will find in the supermarket. The good news is that it’s healthy fat and provides incredible flavor to the meat. Commercial pork has been bred and fed to be excessively lean which leads to dry and flavourless meat.
Pastured pork is certainly more humane, and provides a much more natural setting for pigs to live and explore.

Raising pigs on pasture is more labour intensive, and subsequently costly, but it puts a smile on our faces when we are able to watch our pigs grow and thrive happily in the environment we have provided them.
Our location affords us the opportunity to provide many forested pasture areas, so that these areas always have time to recover.