“I just wanted to let you know, we had our first ham a couple of days ago. It is by far, the BEST ham I have ever eaten. Hands down. I even brine and smoke my own hams and it beat them. The skin was fantastic! I loved chomping away on the crispy treat. The fat was even delicious. Your pig continues to impress! I used the feet to make awesome stock as well. Thanks again for putting out such a genuine product.”      Wendy D


“My sister made us some wonderful pulled pork with your meat last night. She became addicted when we shared the ham and pork chops with her…”  Karen K


“Really this is the best pork meat I’ve ever tasted it’s so good!”       Cecilia


“I am very excited to have access to organic pasture raised pork and I am very happy to spread the word. People often tell me they do not buy organic meat because it is too expensive. However, when I compare it to many people’s choice of their daily coffee shop brew, I consider myself well served by my choice of organic meat instead. Besides, I very much want there to be happy pigs and happy farmers! I wish you happy… ”         Simonne M


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for our last order of pork that we got from you! The pork has been absolutely amazing!”      Vanessa C


“The ground pork we bought at the market this past weekend made the most unbelievable “hamburgers” we’ve ever made !!!!!!!!!”       Lance B


“Have just finished devouring one of your hams and it was so flavourful!! Enjoyed every bit of it – has been years since I could find pork as good as what I grew up with. So glad to have found you and look forward to enjoying more of your products.”      Robert & Evelyn

“My wife and I are so pleased to have been introduced to Wild Moon, Richard and Tristan raise the best pigs and the result is simply delicious, great organic pork. Thanks to you both!”       Bill H


“ I can’t remember ever enjoying pork this much!  The meat is so flavorful and tender, cooking it up is easy.  The recipes on the website ensure that first timers – like us! – know where to start off and how to go about cooking this pork properly.  I don’t think I would ever eat conventional pork again, after ordering your certified organic Berkshire pork.  Your product is the highest quality – thanks for supporting certified organic practices!”                                                                                                                                                                                   Jane F


“I have never had a great source of organic pork to recommend so I am really glad to have found you guys and your website is great!”                                                                                                                                         Tim W


“Everyone here really likes the Berkshire Pork. So far, we’ve eaten the bacon, the breakfast sausages and I’m about to consume the Sirloin Steaks tonight. I’m salivating over the thought of the shoulder but am trying to save it for a special occasion. 
Nice mix on the breakfast sausages, not too salty like the store ones. 
I have to admit that a great deal of the appeal of this stuff however, is the way they are raised and the absence of all the crap the factory guys use.”                                                                                  Don J


“We got home and made the Pork Patties with egg and cheese on a whole wheat bun for dinner. LOL
We all looooooooooooooved it. The patties are fantastic. Our daughters devoured them.”                      The B Family


“I just recently ordered your Berkshire Bundle and we love the quality of the meat we have had so far!”                                                Carmen R


“We have tried the pork starter pack. We are really enjoying the taste. The meat cooks up very nicely. The breakfast sausages are very, very tasty. We love that you are local. Naturally/Organically fed pork has been really hard to find.”                                                                                                                                              Kari T


“Wow, have you heard of organic pork?  We were so excited to find this pork as we eat 80% organic meat, but we LOVE pork and haven’t been able to find any that’s organic!  The Quiring’s are doing it right – we have met them and have visited with them at their farm.  They come from generations of hog farmers, so they know what they are doing.  There are no cutting corners and they use only the best organic ingredients available.  They are very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.  Love the bacon and the pork chops are so tender and juicy. Great recipe on the website – please add more!!”         Jodi G


“The Berkshire pork is amazing – best pork we have ever tasted! It really does look different too – way more red and marbled than typical pork. Thanks for keeping it organic!”                                                   Jackie H


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