Ordering Wild Moon Beef


  • Our beef is raised certified organic
  • Our beef is Belted Galloway Heritage breed
  • Our beef is only grass fed AND finished
  • Our beef is dry-aged for 28 days

At this time we only have a limited amount of beef available and are only selling “mixed quarters”. A mixed quarter is an evenly divided ½ portion of a side of beef so that you get a mix of all cuts.

Your package will include tenderloin, rib eye, new york, sirloin, and top round steak. It will also include sirloin tip, cross rib, bottom round and chuck steak roasts. There will also be short ribs, ground beef and  stew meat. And to provide variety we also include about 30 unseasoned burgers, 7 lbs of amazing  pepperoni sticks, and some beef jerky.

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